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Reptile & Amphibian Supplies, Care & Equipment - Seapets

Reptile supplies has our five departments starting with reptile terrariums and vivariums and all of the heating and lighting equipment needed. Reptile care includes bedding plus all the vitamin and mineral supplements and reptile medicines. The reptile decoration is for artificial plants, substrates and terrarium decoration and reptile food caters for all their unique food requirements.

Reptile Supplies

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In our Reptile Supplies, we stock the best range of brand leading Terrariums and Vivariums. There is also a wide selection of heating and lighting equipment and other necessary components required for setting up and maintaining a reptile habitat, as well as starter kits which are handy for newer reptile keepers.

Reptile Terrariums and Vivariums

Reptile Terrariums, Reptile Cages and Vivariums for Reptiles

Reptile or amphibian, snake or lizard, find the perfect terrarium, vivariums and cages for your pet, whatever your budget.

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Reptile Equipment

Reptile Equipment, Reptile Lighting & Lights, Reptile Heating

Create the ideal environment for your reptile with a wide range of heater, thermometers, filters and humidity tools.

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Reptile Home Decoration

Reptile Cage Decoration, Substrate, Reptile Plants

Want to make your reptile's habitat special? With our sands, plants and other features you can create a reptilian paradise.

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Reptile Treatments

Reptile Care, Reptile Medicines, Reptile Conditioners

Keep your reptile healthy with a variety of treatments for common disorders and ensure your terrarium is clean with cage disinfectants and cleaners.

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Reptile Feeding Equipment

Reptile Feeding Equipment

Feeding Bowls, Water Bowls, Tongs, tweezers and other equipment to help feed your reptile.

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Reptile Food

Reptile Food Supplies, Reptile Feeding and Reptile Feed

Reptile food from top manufacturers ensuring your reptile has a healthy and balanced diet with all the nutrition it needs plus feeding equipment too.

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Live Reptile Food

Live Reptile Food

Clean, fresh, British bred live food for your reptiles.

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Reptile Gifts

Reptile Gifts

Gifts, Presents and Reptile based products for the reptile keeper and enthusiast

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Special Offers

Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table Range

Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table Range

RrP: £96.99

Seapets price

From £44.99

More info

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 90x45x45cm

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 90x45x45cm

RrP: £219.99

Seapets price


More info
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Good prices and fast delivery on all sizes of Exo Terra Terrariums plus delivery is free on all orders over £34.00.

Whether it is a snake, bearded dragon, gecko or chameleon; tortoise, turtle or terrapin, reptiles require a special level of care to ensure they have a full, happy and healthy life. At Seapets we can help on every stage of the journey, providing you with affordable reptile supplies, tools and equipment, available for online ordering 

Whatever your experience of owning reptiles, newcomer or seasoned expert; the products above combine excellent quality and fantastic value for money. Whether it is a reptile starter kit, a larger vivarium, specialist vitamins and minerals or medical treatments, with Seapets you can care for your reptiles even on the tightest of budgets. 

Remember, if you have any questions regarding reptile supplies or would just like some advice on which products may be suitable for your reptiles, the Seapets team is always on hand to help.

Free Delivery on orders over £34

For in stock items. Mainland only.

Delivery Information

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VivExotic Arboreal Vivarium

VivExotic Viva Vivariums

Full range of models and colours always available. Our really low prices include delivery to your door.

VivExotic Viva Vivariums

Jelly Pots

ProRep Jelly Pots

Now available in five individual flavours and a mixed pack, eight pots per pack that will offer an excellent fruit treat for your reptile or insect. The full ingredients are shown in the description. A safe and useful treat.

ProRep Jelly Pots »


Hang your hat on our Reptile Decor

Loads of choice in our Reptile Home Decoration section, ornaments, hides and caves for desert and forest displays.

Reptile Home Decoration »

Sun Glo Reptile Lighting

Reptile Lighting

Fluorescent tubes, reptile lamps and basking lamps are all in the reptile lighting section of Seapets reptile supplies. The right lighting is one of the very important aspects of succesful longterm reptile keeping.

Reptile Lighting


In the Jungle

It's a Jungle, with our Reptile Decor

Great to look at and super for your pet reptile, create the ideal reptile home with our artificial plant range. 

Retile Home Decor »

Exo Terra Terrarium

Lowest Price On All Exo Terra Terrariums

All the models always available at superb prices.The prices include our carefully arranged delivery to your door.

Exo Terra Range »

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