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Pond Pumps

The top brands in fountain pumps, waterfall pumps, statuary pumps, air pumps, hosing and hose fittings are in this section.

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Pond pumps that are used to supply filters and waterfalls require larger intake strainers than the fountain pumps so that solid matter can pass through and be trapped in the filter, whilst ensuring that fish and plant leaves are not sucked in. These pumps have been designed to have this feature and with a variety of power outputs, from the top brands like Hozelock and Laguna available from our stock, plus our low prices you should have no difficulty in finding exactly the right pump for your pond. Waterfall Pumps and Filter Pumps both need large, coarse intake screens so that the larger particles can be removed from the pond to be trapped in the filter. These water pumps are designed with this in mind plus are all suitable for continuous running as required for the best filtration.

Pond Pumps For Fountains

Fountain Pumps, Garden Pond Fountain Pump

Pond pumps suitable for fountains displays of all sizes with the larger models also able to supply waterfalls or water features. All of these pumps are supplied with fountain jets and the larger models with flow controls In this section you will discover fountain pumps from the best manufacturers, all at heavily discounted prices to offer the very best deal in pond pumps, complete with long guarantees.

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Pond Pumps For Filters And Waterfalls

Filter Pond Pumps, Waterfall Pond Pump, Pumps and Filters

Pond pumps used to supply filters and waterfalls require larger intake strainers than the fountain pumps so that solid matter can pass through and be trapped in the filter, whilst ensuring that fish and plant leaves are not sucked in. These pumps have been designed to have this feature and with the variety of power outputs, from the top brands available from our stock, plus our low prices you should have no difficulty in finding exactly the right pump for your pond.

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Pond Pumps For Statues And Water Features

Pond Water Feature Pumps, Submersible Water Pump, Garden Water Pumps

Pumps used in statuary and stand alone water features often need to be quite small to fit into the available space, these pumps are designed with this in mind whether just a trickle or a strong flow is required size and output has been considered in the design. Reliability and reduced servicing are important factors and with our policy of stocking the best brands available you can consider your purchase from us with confidence.

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Pond Pumps By Brand

Oase, Laguna and Hozelock Pond Pumps, Blagdon and Tetra Pond Pump

You may prefer to browse your favourite brand of water pumps to make your choice and in this section we offer all of the pumps that we have available listed under their brand names.

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Pond Hose Clips And Connectors

Pond Hose, Clips and Connectors, Pond Water Flow Controls

Clear PVC hosing and the black spiral reinforced hosing for delivery of water to the waterfall head or filter are here together with the various hose clips and flow controls that might be needed. The stainless steel hose clips are recommended for use around the pond as these are much slower to corrode.

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Fountain Heads And Sprays For Pond Pumps

Pond Pump Fountain Head and Spray, Oase and Laguna Fountain Heads

Fountain heads and foaming geysers from Oase and Laguna are available in this section, the foaming geysers being very useful for both decoration and increased aeration. The larger Oase models are made of non corrosive metal.

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Pond Pump Spares

Pond Pump Spares

Replacement intake foams and other consumable items for pond pumps.

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Pond Air Pumps

Pond Air Pumps and Air Pump Maintenance Kits, Pond Air Diffusers

Air pumps specifically designed for outdoor use from a number of specialist manufacturers are here complete with the tubing and flow accessories and controls that may be needed. A pond air pump increases aeration and improves the water quality, particularly for the fish.

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Seneye USB Pond Solution

Seneye USB Pond Solution

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Tetra Pond Sticks

Tetra Pond Sticks

RrP: £24.05

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Special price plus 20% extra free in this Tetra Pond Stocks Bucket! Buy now while stocks last. Now just £14.95.

Pond Pumps

In our pond pumps section we offer the best water pumps that are available for the UK market and are specifically designed for ornamental pond displays and pond filtration. Be cautious of general use water pumps as these are often not designed for continuous use or static installation such as a pond.

Pond Pumps with larger intakes designed to pass small solids are in our Pond Pumps for Filters and Waterfalls section where we offer a proven range of competitively priced pumps giving a variety of flow rates.

Fountain Pumps

Our Fountain Pumps all come with the necessary fountain heads and will make displays suitable for the smallest pond to the largest, simply depending on the performance and size chosen.

Water Pumps

Water Pumps for Statues and water features are in our next section, which are followed by our Pond Hose range and all the hose clips and fittings that you may need.

For increased aeration our last section contains Pond Air Pumps specifically designed for outdoor use.

blagdon feature pump

Auto Shut Off on this Super Feature Pump

Small, square intake cage with flow control and 10 metres of cable, ideal for garden features of all kinds. No damage if water runs out.

Save 33% off RSP 

Juwel Aquarium Range »

Oase Authorised Retailer

Oase Authorised Internet Retailer

We are proud to be recognised by Oase as an Authorised Internet Retailer. Good service, good stocks and good buys, plus guarantees.

Oase Pump Range »

Hozelock Aquaforce Pumps

Hozelock Aquaforce Pumps plus Free Satellite Strainer (Model 6000 upwards)

These Pumps are extremely efficient filter and waterfall pumps available in a range of outputs and of course great prices at Seapets.

Hozelock Aquaforce Pumps

Powerjet Free Flo Pump

Laguna Fountain Pumps: Powerjet FreeFlo pond pumps reliably create fountain displays and pond water features. Recommended for excellent Italian design, quality and economy. Buy from Seapets at the best prices and service, now and in the future.

Powerjet Fountain Pumps

Seapets - supplying pond pumps for over 30 years

Oase Aquamax

German design and build in this top quality Aquamax filter pumps. Guaranteed for up to five years these pond pumps last a lifetime. Seapets best possible prices and service on Oase products.

Oase Aquamax Pond Pump

Cascade Pump

The Cascade range of pond pumps from Hozelock offers economical cost with a three year guarantee, ideal for small to medium garden ponds. All on special offer prices at Seapets.

Cascade Fountain Pumps


Hozelock Centre of Excellence

Laguna Approved Stockist

Oase Authorised Retailer

Affinity Feature Pools

Seapets. letting the Big Pond Brands speak for us, future guarantees are safe with us.

Maxflo Pond Pump

Powerjet Maxflo pumps give large volume water supply to pond filters and waterfalls. These pond pumps have large all round strainers preventing clogging. We stock the range all offered at great prices.

Maxflo Filter Pumps 

Oase Nautilus Fountain Pump

The pump with wings. maximum water intake through fine screens helps prevent the foutain head clogging. The superb fountain pumps from Oase, German design and build, The pump for professionals

Oase Fountain Pumps

Minipond Fountain pumps

Mini Pond and Midi Pond pumps from Blagdon offer a reliable range of well designed fountain  pumps at good prices. 3 year guarantee and various fountain display heads. Recommended for small displays.

Mini Pond Fountain Pumps

 Points Card Fish Design

With points for every purchase and special bonus points on lots of pet products every week, the Seapets Points Card is great news for you and your pet. 

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