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Gordon Low Cold Glue Tape 50mm Wide Per 1m Run

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Product Code: 170074

Product Description

Gordon Low Cold Glue Tape 50mm Wide Per 1m Run

Adhesive tape recommended for repairs to butyl liners.

60mm wide strips in lengths up to 10 metres.

Priced per metre run.


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Marking out pond

Marking out the pond: An easy way to mark out the pond shape is to lay a rope or hose on the ground until you are satisfied it is correct for your garden. This allows for easy calculation of the pond liner size.

Filling the pond

Installing the pond liner: Lay the pond liner carefully across the prepared ground, making sure it is centred, add weights such as rocks or small buckets of water, put in the hose and gradually feed the liner in ensuring the few creases are tidy and where you want them.


liner measuring

Getting the size right: There are two easy ways to calculate your pond liner size, either lay a rope across the widest and then the longest part following the contours and measuring the rope, or measure the widest and longest part, measure the depth, then double it and add to the width and length. Allow a small overlap with both methods.

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