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Fish Books

Tropical Aquarium, Marine Aquarium, Coldwater Fish, Water Gardening.

In Aquatic Books we cover the four main areas of fish keeping for Aquarium Books covering Tropical Fish undoubtedly the most popular aquarium in the home, Marine Aquarium Books for the saltwater fish and invertebrates, Coldwater Aquarium Fish Books for the goldfish and fancy species that thrive in the cooler water conditions and finally the outdoor pond is covered in our Water Gardening Books.  

Tropical Aquarium

Tropical Aquarium Books

Books covering tropical aquariums, tropical fish species and issues of health and breeding.

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Marine Aquarium

Marine Aquarium Books

Books that provide information on marine aquariums and fish.

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Coldwater Fish

Coldwater Fish Books

Books that cover issues relating to coldwater aquarium and pond fish and the relevant species.

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Water Gardening

Water Gardening Books

Books providing information on subjects such as caring for a garden pond, pond plants and container water gardens.

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The way to learn about this fascinating hobby is undoubtedly with the use of books to both read and refer to. We cover every aspect of fish keeping in our library of books for you to choose from. If you want to create a beautiful pond that offers the relaxation and beauty of keeping outdoor fish you will find the ideal book here.

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Pet Books

Pet Books, at least 20% discount on all books

See our amazing range of titles on all aspects of pets and aquatics. With at least 20% off the RRP. Desirable books at affordable prices at Seapets.

Pet and Aquatic Books


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