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Dog Supplies & Accessories, Food, Treats & Toys - Seapets

We all want to give our best friend the great life they deserve and we carefully consider this in our dog supplies, offering quality and value for money with the leading brands that you will recognise. The superb range of dog beds, mainly British made, is just the beginning, followed by everything used in and around the home to keep your pet happy, entertained and well fed.

Dog Supplies

Whether you are looking for a new dog bed, coat or toy from a leading manufacturer, or even doing your regular dog food shopping you will find the right products at the right price here at Seapets. We have carefully selected all of the dog supplies below so that you are provided with exceptional quality and of course, great value for money. The perfect place to find dog supplies and accessories that are not only of exceptional quality but also great value money.
Whether you are looking for a new dog bed, coat or toy from a leading manufacturer or even doing your regular dog food shopping you will find the right products at the right price here at Seapets.


Dog Beds

Dog Beds from Seapets

Everything you need to keep your dog comfortable, our beds, mostly British made are designed to do just that.

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Dog Crates, Cages and Kennels

Dog Crates, Cages and Kennels

Wire homes, dog cages and kennels as training aids and homes for your pet.

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Dog Care and Clothes

Dog Care and Clothes at great prices from Seapets

All you need to keep your dog looking great including dog clothes, coats, leads, collars and muzzles. We also have dog care and grooming products for your K9 Friend.

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Dog Health

Dog Health and Medicine, Dog Hygiene

Dog health supplies such as medicines and conditioners, flea and worm treatments as well as herbal supplements and dental care products.

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Dog Toys And Treats

Dog Toys and  Dog Treats all at Seapets

Keep your dog happy with an impressive range of treats and toys, ideal for any pampered pooch. Also available are training aids such as clickers and whistles

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Dog Food

Dog Food, Puppy Food from leading manufacturers at Seapets

Dog food from leading manufacturers and top brands, all available at attractive prices so you don't have to break the bank to keep your pet well fed and full of life.

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Special Offers

Motorola Pet Camera Monitor Scout 85 WiFiHD

Motorola Pet Camera Monitor Scout 85 WiFiHD

RrP: £99.99

Seapets price


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Motorola have formed a partnership with the RSPCA to promote responsible pet ownership and assist with the care and welfare of animals when even away from the home. Available soon, pre order now!

Stormguard Chocolate Reflective Coat

Stormguard Chocolate Reflective Coat

RrP: £15.90

Seapets price


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Seapets offers a huge range of dog coats in a wide variety of sizes, colours and styles.


Dog Supplies

At Seapets you will find all the dog supplies you could ever need to keep your best friends happy and healthy. We only source dog supplies of the highest quality so that you get value for money every time you shop and with dog supplies from industry leading manufacturers and top brands, you can be sure that your dog receives only the best when you buy from Seapets.


Give your pooch the comfort it deserves and choose from a range dog beds and kennels, ensuring that your dog has a place in which to relax, no matter its size or shape. With medicines and health products in the dog supplies range; from flea and worm treatments to dental products and even dog toilets, Seapets are on hand with everything you need to keep your dog healthy.

Dog Accessories

Treat your dog with dog treats and toys from the dog supplies range and keep them happy and active either at home, or when out for a walk. Dog accessories also include obedience training products, such as whistles, clickers and dog training sprays.


So whether you are buying your dog a Christmas present, teaching them to behave whilst out and about or just simply want to buy a tag so they can be safely identified, the Seapets  range of dog accessories are affordable  and easy to order online.

Dog Clothes

If you want your dog to look as stylish as it is happy then why not view the collection of dog clothes available here at Seapets? The dog clothes in our dog supplies section includes coats, collars and leads ensuring that when your dog is out for a walk it not only looks great, but is safe as well. From warm coats for winter walks to fashion coats and waterproof coats for those rainy days, the dog clothes range contains the perfect dog wear, whatever the situation.


Seapets is the perfect place to find all of the dog supplies, accessories and clothes you need to keep a dog. Whether it is a muzzle, safety harness, food, coat or just a treat, Seapets dog supplies are the ideal answer to all your canine requirements.

jwb large breed offer

James Wellbeloved Large Breed £14.99

All James Wellbeloved 4kg bags of Large Breed Adult and Junior are now just £14.99. Fast delivery, direct to your door!

James Wellbeloved Dog Food

Beta breed dog food

Savings off Beta Breed Specific Dog Foods

2kg bags now £6.20, 12kg bags just £27.00

Beta Breed varieties include Retriever, Setters and Shepherds, Spaniel and Terriers.

Beta Dog Food

Bionic Dog Toys

Bionic Dog Toys

Super strong Bionic Rubber Dog Toys! A new toy made from FDA Food Grade materials that are non toxic and 100% recyclable. These toys float and withstand the aggressive play of most pets and they are dishwasher safe and extremely durable.

Bionic Dog Toys

Hills Ideal Balance

Hills Ideal Balance Dog Food all 2kg bags now just £9.99 

Hills Ideal Balance Dog Food. 100% Natural ingredients perfectly balanced to support your dog's health.

Hills Ideal Balance Food

Hunter Tweed Range

Green Tweed Range

The stylish Green Tweed range is available in super soft Snuggle beds, Slumber beds, Duvets and Mattresses. This range offers warm earth colours with a mixture of woven tweed and faux suede textures.

Danish Design Beds

Bakers Dog Food

Bakers 14kg Adult £23.25 

Bakers 12.5kg Puppy, Senior and Weight Control £25.35

Savings on Bakers Dog Food during January! Fast delivery which is free to most parts of the UK on orders over £34.

Bakers Dog Food


Nerf Dog Toys are Tough

Nerf Dog Toys are really Tough 

From crunchable and squeaky throw and retrieve toys to innovative ball launchers and tough tug toys, the high quality Nerf Dog range lives up to the pedigree of its name.

Nerf Dog Toys »

Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog Food

We are now stocking the popular Acana range of dog food. Made from really high quality ingredients. The Acana Classic range features 55-65% meats, including cage-free Cobb chicken, whole eggs and wild caught flounder, plus sun ripened fruits and vegetables from Canada's Okanagan orchards. All delivered fresh for unmatched nourishment and flavour.

Acana Dog Food

Cosipet Tough Pad

Tough Pad Mattresses are great for the back of the car, kennel or cage, the fully waterproof Tough Pad by Cosipet. British quality dog beds at a sensible price in green or navy.

Cosipet Tough Pad

Applaws pate dog food

New Applaws Pate Dog Food 150g

The New Applaws Pate Dog Food from 89p is made with the freshest natural ingredients and recipes containing up to 60% meat. They are available as single serve or multipacks, are a complete food and dont contain any cereal or grain. Why not try using them as a tasty filler for your dogs favourite toys? May also be used frozen in Kongs etc!

Applaws Pate Dog Food

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