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Catit Eco Terra Cornrusk And Raffia Mice Toy

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Product Description

Catit Eco Terra Cornrusk And Raffia Mice Toy

The Catit Eco Terra Toys are made from natural materials and are designed to engage your cat's natural instincts and provide your pet with hours of chasing, pouncing and playful fun.

The Catit Conrusk and Raffia Mice toy are made from all natural materials and use recycled eco-friendly packaging to help minimise the ecological footprint.

This toy contains catnip for that added extra excitment!


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Cat Scratch Pad and Massage Centre

Great new range from Catit Design. Play Circuit, Massage Centre and Scratch Pad.

Buy a Massage Centre and a Scratch Pad plus two Play Circuits and the second Play Circuit will be free, to make up the ideal figure of eight track.

Catit Senses

Catit Senses Toys

Catit Design Senses

Catit Design Senses Toys are a collection of innovative cat products designed to enrich a cat's life by stimulating all of their senses. Each piece is sold seperately and can be added together to create a complete sensory activity centre for your pet. Included in the range are a Play Circuit, Speed Circuit, Treat Maze and Grass Garen amongst others.

Catit Design Senses


Cat Water Fountain

Cat fountain by Catit

Cats love clean running water and this fountain provides just that, in cat supplies we stock the replacement filter pads as well. Good product with a good price from Seapets

Catit Water Fountain

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