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Bird Food

Whether its bird seed for your pet bird or wild bird food and feeders you are looking for, you will find all the bird supplies you need to feed your pet or garden birds.

All Seapets bird foods, bird seeds and wild bird food mixes are carefully selected, premium quality products with no filler ingredients, meaning more of the food is eaten by the birds in your garden and there is less waste and mess. Use Seapets Bird food for your birds, tame or wild and see the difference! Great value for money and good quality products conveniently packed.

Bird Seeds

Bird Seeds

A wide variety of bird seeds including the popular Living World and XtraVital ranges.

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Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird Food

Wild bird food and peanuts to keep your garden visitors happy.

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Pigeon Foods, Oyster Shell and Grit

Pigeon Foods, Oyster Shell and Grit

Our own quality poultry feeds in convenient pack sizes.

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Wild Bird Treats And Feeders

Wild Bird Treats & Feeders

Keep visitors to your garden happy with our selection of delicious treats and handy bird feeders.

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Pet Bird Feeders And Drinkers

Pet Bird Feeders and Drinkers

Cups, bowls and fountains for bird foods.

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Special Offers

Vision Bird Cage Small Single Height

Vision Bird Cage Small Single Height

RrP: £55.99

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Seapets Bird Seeds

Seapets range of bird seeds and bird foods offers the best value for money in a good quality feed for all of your birds. Try our excellent range now.

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Living World bird seed

Living World bird seeds are a premium range of bird seeds and bird foods fully tested at HARI laboratories to ensure top quality with little waste.

Living World Bird Seeds


wild bird products

Seapets stock a wide range of products for wild birds ranging from specialised bird foods and feeders to treats and books.

Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird Feeders

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