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Bird Supplies, Bird Cages & Bird Care - Seapets

Whether you have a budgie, parrot, cockatiel, canary, finch or chickens here at Seapets your will find all the bird supplies you could need to care for your feathered friend. From affordable bird cages through to pet and wild food, treatments and conditioners as well as toys and treats, we can supply everything to keep your birds in tip top condition.

Bird Supplies

Below you will find a full range of bird supplies, from bird cages of all sizes to specialist foods and grooming supplies. The varied range of bird cages has specially selected items, ideal for different living arrangements and sizes of bird. The bird grooming, treatments and food supplies combined with a wide selection of toys and treats ensures that you can keep your bird, healthy, happy and entertained.


Bird Cages

Bird Cage Supplies, Large and Small Bird Cages

Bird cages and nesting boxes of all sizes suited to a wide range of different birds, from budgies and finches, to parrots and macaws. Choose from metal or plastic cages and a variety of cage accessories.

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Bird Grooming And Nesting

Bird Grooming, Bird Nesting

From keeping your bird?s feathers in prime condition, to nesting supplies and cage cleaning equipment, Seapets can supply all the products you need to ensure your bird has stunning feathers and a clean living environment.

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Bird Treatments

Bird Treatments, Bird Conditioners, Bird Medicines

Make sure that your bird stays as healthy as possible with a full selection of treatments, medicines and conditioners. You will also find cage sand, sheets and disinfectants in this section.

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Bird Toys, Bird Treats

Bird Toys, Bird Treats

Is your bird in need of some mental stimulation? Then take a look at these fun toys and treats that will keep your budgie, parrot or cockatiel entertained for hours at a time.

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Bird Food

Bird Seed, Bird Food, Bird Feed

Whether its bird seed for your pet bird or wild bird food and feeders you are looking for, you will find all the bird supplies you need to feed your pet or garden birds.

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Chicken Supplies

Chicken Supplies

If you?re mad about chickens and want to keep yours as healthy as possible, explore our range of chicken runs, houses, feed, treatments and other accessories.

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Special Offers

Vision Bird Cage Small Single Height

Vision Bird Cage Small Single Height

RrP: £55.99

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Seapets Bird Supplies

Our Bird Supplies starts with Bird Cages where all the cages and cage equipment is, Bird Nesting for cleaning, hygiene and nesting materials are. In Bird Treatments are the bird conditioners and medicines and Bird Toys has lots of bird toys and bird treats with the Bird Seed full of bird feeds and seeds and feeding equipment.

Montana Authorised Distributor


Montana Bird Cages are premium quality with unique designs. They offer one-of-a-kind craftmanship using the highest quality materials whilst being easy to assemble, lead and zinc free with the patented Avilon powder coated finish. Built by avian experts for the bird enthusiast. The ideal environment for all cage birds.

Montana Bird Cage

Montana Parrot Cages

Vision Cage Set

Vision Bird Cages offer great design and practical features and now, due to our bulk purchasing we can offer half the recommended price when buying the cage, stand and sand sheets deal. Great packages at fabulous prices.

Vision Bird Cages »

Living World bird seed

Living World bird seeds are a premium range of seeds fully tested at HARI laboratories to ensure quality with little waste.

Living World Seeds

bird toys

New range of bird toys to suit small and medium size birds. Great for stimulating your bird and adding variety and interest to the cage.

Budgie Toys


bird treats

Delicious and nutritious bird treats to suit all cage birds.

Budgie Treats

Canary and Finch Treats

Parrot Treats

Ferplast Cage

Bird Cages by Ferplast

Italian design in the traditional manner. Ferplast bird cages are a brand leader in quality products and these cages prove their standards, all in our bird supplies.

Ferplast Cages

Bird Treatments

Bird Treatments

Keep your bird in full health with products from our bird supplies bird treatments medicine chest.

Bird Treatments

wild bird products

Seapets stock a wide range of products for wild birds ranging from specialised bird foods and feeders to treats and books.

Wild Bird Food

Wild Bird Feeders

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