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Aquarium Water Test Kits

Water test kits for Tropical aquariums, Coldwater aquariums and Saltwater marine aquariums. All to help ensure the correct conditions and reducing the need for fish medicines.

Regular water testing will help all aquariums achieve and realise the health and beauty they are capable of demonstrating when all essential conditions are met. Fish that are exposed to even small consistent levels of nitrite that may be the result of an improperly maintained or sized filter system may perish or never seem as vibrant as they can be. Corals that are deprived of the KH values they require for growth and sustenance may also perish or never demonstrate their true beauty. Plants that are constantly lacking essential trace minerals such as iron may perish or never demonstrate the rich vibrant greens and reds that make a planted aquarium a unique underwater garden.

Nutrafin Test Kits

Nutrafin Test Kits

Nutrafins Master test kits and the full range of individual tests

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Interpet Test Kits

Interpet Test Kits

The range of water test kits from Interpet

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Tetra Test Kits

Tetra Test Kits

Water tests by Tetra

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Api Test Kits

API Test Kits

Aquarium Pharmacueticals test kits

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Seachem Test Kits

SeaChem Test Kits

The range of test kits from SeaChem

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Water Measurements

Water Measurements

Hydrometers for salt water.

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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Balls

Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Balls

RrP: £9.95

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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium is a new and unique aquarium treatment for maintaining crystal clear and healthy aquarium water.

In order to maintain and create optimal water conditions for fish, plants and invertebrates water testing is essential. It is not possible to simply look at an aquarium and be aware of conditions that may need to be adjusted or toxins that are accumulating to lethal levels. It is impossible to understate the benefits of regularly testing aquarium water. Active thriving colourful fish, plants and corals are just a test away; not testing on the other hand can be the cause of being unaware of what can easily be prevented.







A great way to start

Kordon's instant water conditoning kit turns tap water into the perfect condition for all fish keeping plus adds an artificial skin coating to protect your fish. Novaqua+ Amquel+ a really popular duo for aquariums up to 225 litres.

Kordon Duo Pack »

Seachem Prime

Prime, the new water complete conditioner

One of our most popular concentrated water conditioners, use at start up and whenever replacing water in the aquarium.

Prime by Seachem »

Fluval CO2

Grow your plants beautifully with the Pressurised Fluval CO2 Kits.

These great Fluval CO2 kits will make all the difference to the plants in your aquarium, providing the water conditions and lighting is good of course. Great prices at Seapets always.

Fluval CO2 Range »

Seachem Purigen

The Amazing Filter Medium

The premium synthetic absorbent that contols ammonia, nitrites and nitrates whilst polishing aquarium water to amazing clarity. Suitable for Marine and Freshwater aquariums taking water conditioning to the next level, always at the best price from Seapets.

Purigen Ultimnate Filtration »



Flourish and Flourish Excel from Seachem

The source of a rich assortment of trace elements and nutrients the Flourish range will help the keen aquatic gardener grow plants into that superb display.

Seachem Flourish »

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Gift Vouchers

Stuck for a gift idea? With our fantastic range of pet and aquatic products our Gift Vouchers make an ideal solution for your pet loving friend, available now!

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