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Tetramin Pro Veg

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Tetramin Pro Veg 16g
RRP: £4.40
In stock
Product Code: 953936

Tetramin Pro Veg 40g
RRP: £8.70
In stock
Product Code: 953937

Product Description

Tetramin Pro Veg

Premium food for tropical fish. Superior nutrition for improved condition and extra health.

High quantities of concentrated vegetable ingredients, including Spirulina algae, to improve resistance to disease. Ideal for herbivorous fish, such as mollies, Rift-valley cichlids, and some barbs and gouramis.

Advanced Crisp technology, exclusive to Tetra. Patented low-heat manufacturing process. Improved digestibility and nutrition compared to flakes. Reduces dissolved and solid waste compared to flakes. Improved vitamin and nutrient stability compared to flakes.


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