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Aquarium Supplies, Fish Tanks, Plants & Accessories - Seapets

Seapets offers the very best in aquarium supplies and is recognised as one of the UK's leading aquatic retailers. With the very best service, choice and prices in aquariums and fish tank equipment, aquarium ornaments, fish treatments and fish food from the world's leading brands. Seapets has been supplying aquariums in the UK for thirty five years.

Aquarium Supplies

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We supply only brand new, latest model aquariums and fully guaranteed equipment in its original packaging from our own massive warehouse stocks. All of our aquarium supplies and accessories are carefully checked and packed by our own team and delivered on the day of your choice. Please click on the link to find out more about buying an aquarium from Seapets.



Aquariums - Fish Tank Aquariums & Aquarium Cabinets at Great Prices

The very best range of aquariums and cabinets from the leading manufacturers are in this section, all at great prices.

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Fish Tank Equipment

Fish Tank Equipment, Fish Tank Supplies and Accessories

Fully guaranteed brand leading accessories for aquariums and aquarium supplies, from filters to water pumps, heaters to lights.

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Aquarium Ornaments, Fish Tank Ornaments

Aquarium Ornaments, Fish Tank Ornaments

Aquarium accessories including decorative gravel, rocks and stones, plants, ornaments and backgrounds. We also have cleaning supplies and accessories to keep your fish tank looking stunning.

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Aquarium Treatments, Fish Medicines

Aquarium Treatments, Fish Medicines

Keep you fish and tank healthy with our water testing supplies, medicines and aquatic treatments. Always fresh stock.

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Aquarium Fish Food

Fish Food, Aquarium Fish Feed

Fish food from the worlds brand leading ornamental fish companies,Tetra, Aquarian, King British, Fluval and more.

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Aquarium Plants Live

Aquarium Plants Live

The finest aquarium plants grown in Denmark by Tropica and our own Seapets plants selected from growers around the world.

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Aquarium Supplies, Plants and Accessories from Leading Brands

With over 40 years experience in the industry, and with multiple awards under our belt, here at Seapets we know a thing or two about aquatic supplies! We've used our know-how to select the best in aquariums and fish tanks, as well as all of the trimmings to accompany them, giving you the means to create a happy and exciting home for your underwater friends! Browse our range of products below, and make the most of our free UK delivery when you spend over £34.

Fish Tank Equipment and Accessories

Every size and type of aquarium is available and our enormous selection of aquarium ornaments and décor is perfect for creating chic, stunning designs. We also offer the best of fish health accessories, from fish treatments and medicines to water conditioner, ensuring your fish have a healthy living environment. Our range of fish food caters for all types of species and communities, with feeding equipment and holiday foods for whenever you need to leave them for a while.

Great Deals on Aquariums

We're the perfect place to come and get everything you need for your fish - we're recognised as one of the UK's leading aquatic retailers, and our unrivalled expertise and selection of top-of-the-range aquarium supplies makes us the smart choice for your needs.

We stock the best names in aquatic supplies - Fluval Roma, Juwel, Osaka, Interpet, Aquael, Rena, Tetra and Aqua Art to name a few! We have huge savings available on all of these big-name brands, plus amazingly low prices on accessories such as BiOrb, air pumps and tank heaters.

Our email and telephone helpline offers advice and support seven days a week, whether before or after sales our dedicated team are always delighted to help. Our priority is to assist customers successfully keep fish, ensuring that you enjoy your hobb 


Roma Aquarium

Our Fluval Roma Aquarium and Cabinet Price is better than just a Free Cabinet from Seapets

Buy any Roma Aquarium at less than its RRP and the Cabinet comes free. All Models, in Oak or Black finish.

Also Includes Free Gravel, Backing, Net etc plus Free Delivery.

Roma Aquarium Range »

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A big thank you to all of our wonderful customers who voted for us again;


plant offer

The best plants available.

See our superb range of aquarium plants supplied by Tropica of Denmark, when it comes to livestock its all about the best quality available. Of course the price is important and if you buy an aquarium from us you get a ten percent discount of our plants and plant collections as a thank you.

Aquarium Plants »

Fluval Fresh Aquarium

Fluval Fresh Aquariums

We always offer the best possible price, Beautifully designed and made aquarium set complete with integrated filtration, fabulous lighting and heating all included.

Fluval Fresh Aquariums

Fluval Sea Lighting

Fluval Sea Lighting, LED for your aquarium

All the sizes are available from Seapets now.

Fluval Sea Lighting »


Aqua Verse Aquarium

Interpet aquariums are around half price at Seapets (RSP)

All the models at great prices plus all the spares and full guarantees are a great reason to buy from Seapets.The aquarium prices include our carefully arranged delivery to your door.

Aqua Verse Aquarium »

Star Aquarium

Ferplast Star Aquariums

Without doubt one of the finest ranges of aquariums available, Italian design and manufacture, superb for fresh or salt water. The aquarium prices include our carefully arranged delivery to your door.

Ferplast Aquarium Range

Buying and advice guide

Email or call our team for help and advice.


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