Friday, April 20th, 2012

Tips for Safe Dog Travel

Whether you are taking your dog to the vets or taking a road trip to a holiday destination somewhere in the UK, making sure that you are prepared to travel with your dog is vital. Naturally taking your dog with you to fun and interesting places as the weather improves is a priority for many dog owners but this summer, what can you do to make your dogs travelling as enjoyable as possible?

Tips for Safe Dog Travel

Take a Trial Run

If it is your dog’s first time being in the car it is important to get them used to it. This can be performed by getting your dog into the car and leaving it stationary with the doors and boot open. You may want to start the engine so that they can get used to the noise and sensation. During this time give your dog praise, treat it and get it to relax in the car so that it associates the vehicle as a calm and enjoyable place to be. End on your dog getting used to the vehicle before you head off anywhere. With your dog starting to accept your car you can then take it on a short journey before heading off on a full road trip up country.

Securing Your Dog

Just like it is important for humans to be secure when they travel it is also important that you secure your dog in the car just in case there is an accident. In fact in some countries it is actually a legal requirement to secure your dog as in an accident they can become a dangerous projectile just like any other object in the car.

Fortunately there are a number of options if you want to secure your dog during car journeys, you may want to consider dog seatbelts and harnesses which are ideal for small to medium size dogs. For larger dogs and for larger cars something like a dog crate is ideal and can be placed in the boot. Finally if you want to ensure your dog is given a little freedom in the boot of your car you can fit a dog guard which can be bought for a remarkable number of car makes and models.

What to Take with You

Packing to ensure your dog has everything it needs so it is advisable to pack your dog’s food, bedding and bowls for wherever you are going. You may even want to take some toys, or treats for the journey. Naturally you will need your dog’s lead and collar and use them every time you let you dog out at motorway services.

Taking a Break

Even if the window is open it is important if that you take a break from driving and allow your dog to stretch its legs at regularly intervals. You should also take plenty of water with you and ensure that each time you stop your dog has a drink. When stopping at services you should never leave your dog alone in the car, particularly if it’s hot.

By taking your time on journeys, having the right accessories so that your dog is safe during the journey and by making frequent stops it is possible to have great fun with your dog on the road, meaning you can take it with you on family holidays and days out.

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