Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Which BiOrb is Right for You?

BiOrb aquariums, manufactured by Reef One are highly popular amongst hobbyist fish keepers. Not only do they look great, bringing contemporary styling to the world of aquariums but they also offer a low maintenance solution for those that want pet fish. But how do you know which BiOrb tank is right for you?

BiOrb Aquariums

The Baby BiOrb

This is the smallest of the BiOrb aquariums and also the most affordable. With capacity of 15L it is perfect for beginners and is suitable for small numbers of coldwater fish. This BiOrb is right for you if you are just starting off, or want to add an attractive feature to your home. Baby BiOrbs are available in silver and black and there are a host of stands and accessories available. See the Baby BiOrb range.

The BiOrb 30

At 30 litres the BiOrb 30 is for those that are little more serious about their hobby. This BiOrb, with the addition of a filter, halogen light and heater is ideal for tropical fish although equally suits coldwater species. Its filtration system is simple to use and like the Baby BiOrb it has the same eye catching bubble design. See the BiOrb 30 range.

The BiOrb 60

This is one of the larger aquariums manufactured by Reef One and as such is perfect for those that want to create a focal point for their home or office or want to keep relatively advanced or large fish. As it is a little larger, the BiOrb 60 offers a range of choices when it comes to keeping fish. For example you may want to keep a community of tropical fish containing different species or with the marine setup you could even create a saltwater habitat. Maintenance is also easy and requires just a change of the filter and 1/3rd of the water every month.  See the BiOrb 60 range.

BiOrb Life

The BiOrb Life aquariums are available in 2 main styles, the square and portrait. Both are beautifully styled and available in a range of colours including Chilli Red, Piano Black and Ice White. The BiOrb Life Square is available in the 30L size whilst the Portrait comes in both 45 and 60L sizes. Like all BiOrbs maintenance of the BiOrb Life aquariums is simple and stress free and whilst they are sold as coldwater setups, they can easily be converted to tropical with the addition of a heater. See the BiOrb Life range.

The BiUbe

The BiUbe is ideal for those that like to create unique environments for their fish and enjoy aquascaping. Despite its small shape and profile (allowing it to fit into places that other fish tanks may struggle) the BiUbe is deceptively large and can hold 35 litres. It can be used either for tropical or coldwater fish and is available with a host of lighting and heating accessories. See the BiUbe range.

Accessories and Stands

BiOrb aquariums are all available with a host of different proprietary accessories. As mentioned previously there is a choice of heaters, pumps and lights as well as readily available replacement filters and media to make maintenance as easy as possible. To make your BiOrb shine there is a huge selection of plants and ornaments you can use to change your fish’s underwater world and even swappable tops to let your personalise your aquarium. To ensure you make the most of your BiOrb aquarium as a design feature, there are also stands to suit all sizes and shapes of BiOrb. See the BiOrb Accessories.

BiOrb aquariums are ideals for those that want the joy of keeping fish but want easy maintenance and a style statement for their home or office. If you have any more questions about whether a BiOrb is right for you, why not pop into one of our stores or get in touch?

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